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Roger and Margot in China

Our Trip to China, 2015.


We were able to make another trip to Shenzhen this April, when we visited a number of the official churches in the area as well as meeting up with several other local groups of Christians.


Once again we had four sessions with the English Fellowship at the Meilin Church where we studied the book of Ruth together.  We paid a visit to the church at Huaqiaocheng and met our old friend Pastor Liu there with little Tian Ai, who was abandoned as a baby at the church and who was adopted by the pastor and his wife.  She is growing up to be a really bonny little girl.  We were able to meet the English Fellowship there as well, and also the English group at the church in Longgang.  We were due to make two visits to the English fellowship there, but on one evening Roger was asked to speak to a group of lawyers so Margot had to go on her own to the Longgang church, which was quite an adventure for her.


It was once again a very busy trip, doing a lot of teaching from Ruth and Philippians. There was also a session at a training centre where Roger was asked to speak on the Reformation.  They were a very attentive group and had lots of questions afterwards.  At a quick count we had about 26 meetings in the four weeks we were away.  We also managed to find time to attend two weddings, both of girls we knew from the English Fellowship in Melilin.  One couple had actually delayed their wedding until we were able to be there!   


As you might guess, we were ready for a rest at the end of our trip.  It was the May Day holiday and our friends in the Meilin English Fellowship had arranged a two-day retreat in the countryside. “You will come?”  Yes, of course we would come.  “And you will do the teaching?”  Well, how could we say no, when they were so keen to learn?  So we had some sessions on prayer and worship and how to study the Bible.  We had a great time together, and then it was time to go back to Shenzhen for our final two meetings before heading on to Hong Kong.


Finally, we spent a few days in Hong Kong, relaxing, doing some shopping and meeting up with more old friends before going to the airport and boarding the plane back to England.  As usual, we have to thank the brothers and sisters in Shenzhen for their generous hospitality, and for all the work they do in organizing things, arranging transport and providing interpretation to make everything go so well.

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